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people I have worked with...
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Its now 2 oclock in the morning...
Im dreaming of area 51...
Destiny & Coincidence have crashed...
and bought forth Aliens
Blue men with redemption songs...
Fluorescent flashbacks...
the blue death of life
The birth of fresh death at 3 Am
up to hit the set, invisible,
Nonsensical sense
Bearing songs poems gifts and such...
from soul takers the width of their death is
the close orbit of the sunrise...
surprise, surprise, rewind the tape...
play it in reverse
4am... the mission cop the dose, 3 bucks
mny lick destination Afrodelica on Aphrodisiacs
Mission accomplished
5 am the destination
The left coast...
Mission: Decode the messages of the Aliens...
6 Am. Im shooting with the crew in a 21 Jeep Beet salute to sunny Hendrix train
Suns... you know all the alien brothers on the high noon mission accomplished
As I lay my head down to weep
I know these flashbacks are much to brief...
much to brief.
lyrics by Anthony Moore & video by Claudio in San Francisco California at the end of the 20th. century (not fox)



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